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Digital management of supply and demand: San Francisco Park

by Federico Parolotto and Francesco Maria Cerroni The dawn of digital and wireless communication over the last 15 years has spawned a number of radically different scenarios for the future, some of which let some experts to predict a decrease in personal mobility by imagining that the potential for remote interaction would reduce the need […]

A dialogue with Federico Parolotto

  Interview by Nicola Leonardi from The Plan 063 – 12/2012 In a metropolitan context, architecture, town planning and mobility can be considered as inextricably linked. What development directions are the plans for future cities and metropolitan areas taking?   You have to make a distinction between the cities of mature Western economies and those in […]

Metropolis without density

  MWD – Metropolis without density – The Veneto Case Tutors: Freek Persyn (51N4E) Ambra Fabi Giovanni Piovene (Salottobuono)   Student:  Vitor Pessoa Colombo Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio – Spring Semester 2012       On mobility : Inhabitants, landscape and civitas In a place where the personal automobile colonises the public spaces ( Hard mobility infrastructures ) and […]

The future of transport and cities

      THE CITY OF TODAY   The city and the car The car is undoubtedly still the superstar of capitalist cities; with solid growth in personal income all societies have witnessed a steep growth in car ownership. The arrival of the car swept aside public transit on the West Coast of the United […]