Marco Steinberg interview

Marco Steinberg is founder of Snowcone & Haystack (, a strategic design practice focused on helping governments and leaders innovate.

Prior to that he was Director of Strategic Design at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund a government fund to help develop the economic prosperity and future success of Finland. There, he helped built the Fund’s capability to shape & deliver strategic improvements through design. Initiatives include Helsinki Design Lab, a global initiative to help address today’s large scale strategic redesign & transformation needs; Design Exchange Programme embedding designers within public sector organizations; and overseeing the design of Low2No, a transitional strategy to create national carbon free urban development in Finland.


In his other responsibilities, Marco is currently the Chairman of the Board of the Museum of Finnish Architecture & serves as advisor to many organizations. His previous experience includes: Professor at the Harvard Design School (1999-2009); advising governments on SME & design funding strategies; and running his own design & architecture practice.

We had the great pleasure of meeting Marco Steinberg in 2010 at the time head of Helsinki Design Lab, the workshops were part of a much wider research the Marco led. We were really impress by the Strategic Design approach, the essence of which we believe is captured in this video


About HDL from Sitra- Finnish Innovation Fund on Vimeo.

The transport industry is a great example of Knowledge Silos, car industries have developed incredible complex technologies but often have none or very little concern about the environment where this object will move, architects and planner have inner looking approaches unable to initiated a dialog with traffic engineer often focused only on car capacity matters. Mobility iper-specialised structure is definitely an area in need of Strategic Design


Flow-n interviews Marco Steinberg from Flow[n] on Vimeo.

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