Andrea Branzi Interview


In January 2012 we had the opportunity to meet in his Milan office the father of radical design Andrea Branzi.

A constant feature of Andrea Branzi’s activity is the theoretic reflection about the changes within the design culture, and about the relations between this one and the socio-technologic context.
An author of many books about the theory of contemporary project and about the history of Italian design, that have been published since the ‘80es in Italy, England, France, United States. He is the only author in his field with three volumes published by MIT Press (USA).

We used this opportunity to ask Andrea Branzi first to talk about Agronica, a project developed in Domus Academy in 1985 that summarizes his last 20 years of theoretical research on Agrarian Urbanism, Landscape Urbanism  and contemporary Society. Here a great essay by Charles Waldheim, helpful to better understand the theoretical context in which Branzi recent research topics and Agronica must be embedded.


Part I

Part II

Part III

Video credits:

Francesco di Maio (cameras)

Sabina Barcucci (interview and video editing)

Federico Parolotto e Federico Cassani (Interview)

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